Die Young

Lead Artist & Technical Artist


Die Young is an open world survival set in a mediterranean island, realized in Unreal Engine 4. I lead the art department on assets creation and environment set-dressing, worked with the lead programmer on optimization,  defined technical rules for art assets, wrote a workflow doc between art and design and for art assets production, created a shaders library in Substance Designer and Unreal Engine 4, and handled all the lighting and vfx of the game.

Project Kyro

Technical Artist & Vfx Artist


Worked as a Technical Artist & Vfx Artist on Project Kyro prototype, I worked with the other team mates to optimize the VR game, I defined art production rules and techniques for the project, and created the basic spells for the game (particles, shaders and textures).


C# Programmer – UI Designer / Developer


Blockstorm is a multiplayer FPS, I worked on the UI system designing and developing it on Unity3D. I also provided some 2D and 3D assets like textures and skyboxes. I also wrote a documentation and provided some scripts to run Unity online to preview the maps and the characters generated by the users.

Artstation Profile

This is my Artstation profile, with some modelling, texturing, lighting and shading projects.