[UE4] Editor raytracing for roof detection

Hi guys, I made a blueprint which I found useful to execute some automatic procedures with objects that are placed under a roof. This can be useful during an open world production where you have tons of objects and you don't want to rely on manual control on each of them. In a production situation, … Continue reading [UE4] Editor raytracing for roof detection

‘Die Young’: UE4 Open World creation and optimization

Die Young production started with an interesting idea from an artistic point of view. It was a crazy challenge for us: we had to develop an open world set in a mediterranean island using an engine that was really lacking about advanced open world optimization techniques, and we were just 6, and only 4 with … Continue reading ‘Die Young’: UE4 Open World creation and optimization

Project Kyro: basic optimization and VFX for a VR game

  Some time ago I was asked to work on a really cool VR project as Technical Artist and VFX Artist. The game, in this first production phase, was about fighting against another player in an arena with magic spells in a cool Harry Potter style, using your hands and your voice. The images that … Continue reading Project Kyro: basic optimization and VFX for a VR game

Creating auroras in UE4

Some time ago I got a job request about the creation of a "northern lights procedural building tool" in Unreal Engine 4. I was asked to create a shader to simulate different kinds of northern lights and a system to create them with splines inside the editor. After some researching I found an interesting way … Continue reading Creating auroras in UE4