Welcome to UE4 Tech Arts Blog!

Hi, I am Iacopo Antonelli, and welcome to my blog!

I am a 3D Artist from Rome, and I work at Indiegala as Lead and Technical Artist for the development of “Die Young“, a dynamic open world survival experience.


Die Young in-game screenshot.


My previous game development experiences include Blockstorm, a voxel fps developed in Unity, plus several AR and VR experiences made in Unity and Unreal Engine 4.


Blockstorm main menu screenshot.


In this site, I would like to share tips and tutorials on technical stuff regarding arts in game development: shaders, gpu optimizations, asset creation pipelines, tools for artists/level designers.. and so on.

I will open a youtube channel as soon as possible, where I’ll share videos of the results of my tutorials.

Hope you’ll enjoy my articles, and feel free to comment them to give me some feedbacks.

Bye guys!

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